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Cryo-EM Facility Manager and Engineer Positions at HIT Center for Life Sciences, Harbin, China
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The Cryo-EM platform at HIT Center for Life Sciences (HCLS,  link: is seeking a Cryo-EM facility manager and several engineers. HCLS  is about to install several high-end cryo-transmission electron microscopes (300  kV and 200 kV) coupled to direct electron detectors. The Cryo-EM platform is  applied to analyze 3D structures of protein molecules, super molecular  complexes, cells and subcellular organelle at multiple levels to reveal the  mechanism behind their function.

Responsibilities and Qualifications:

1.  1 Cryo-EM platform manager

The  Cryo-EM platform  Manager will be responsible for the maintenance of the Cryo-EM facility and  computational infrastructure units such as storage and software updates,  development and application of Cryo-EM technologies including SPA or Cryo-ET for  high-resolution structural determination. Applicants should have a Ph.D. degree  in physics, materials, biology or a related field of science, extensive  experience in Cryo-EM or EM. Effective management skills are  necessary.


2. 2 Cryo-EM platform research scientists

Cryo-EM  platform  research scientists will be responsible for the development of technologies and  application, and providing practical training for Cryo-EM users. Applicants must  have a Ph.D. degree in related areas and rich experience and skillful techniques  in Cryo-EM or cell EM.


3. 2 Cryo-EM platform engineers

Cryo-EM platform engineers will be responsible for general  maintenance of related instrument, providing practical training and application  service for Cryo-EM users. Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree in related areas  or other advantages being an engineer (or equivalent) with outstanding skills in  related areas. Management ability and service awareness are necessary.  Experience in Cryo-EM or transmission EM would be an advantage.


4. 1 Cryo-EM IT engineer

The IT engineer will be responsible for the management and  maintenance of Cryo-EM internet, computer cluster and data transmission storage.  Applicants must have a master degree or above or outstanding skills in related  areas and service awareness. The applicants with experience in Cryo-EM or  transmission EM would be highly taken into consideration.


5. 1 mechanical and electronic engineer

Mechanical and electronic engineers will be responsible for  electrical equipment, low temperature equipment, air conditioning system and  cooling circulating water system. Applicants must have an undergraduate degree  or above or outstanding skills in related areas and service  awareness.


How to Apply:

Candidates should e-mail the application form, CV (with photos) and  three recommendation letters to Zhiwei Huang: An internationally competitive salary, working environment and  living conditions with fringe benefits are provided according to relevant  regulations and policies for talent introduction by Harbin Institute of  technology.