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Ning Gu, associate professor ofpharmacology and endocrine diseases discipline. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree from Kyoto University of Education (1998.4~2002.3), later got his master’s degree from Kyoto University (2002.4~2004.3), and then got his doctor’s degree from Kyoto University (2004.4~2007.3). After the graduated he joined Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) of Kyoto University as a researcher. Then he joined Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) as a researcher in 2009. He returned to China and joined the School and Life Science and Technology at Harbin Institute of Technology in 2010.

Research Description

Dr. Gu is now a fulltime associate professor in charge of scientific research. His main research interests are in four research areas:

1). The studying on the pathogenesis and therapeutic method of diabetes, obesity and other endocrine diseases.

Diabetes is an endocrine system disease characterized by elevated plasma glucose levels resulting from either a lack of insulin production or resistance to insulin. According to statistics, a relatively small proportion (10%) of patients suffering from diabetes mellitus has type I or insulin dependent diabetes. The majority of diabetes patients are type II diabetes whose main mechanism is insulin resistance. Obesity is a major public health concern worldwide that can increase the risk of type II diabetes. Our studies aim to intensive research type II diabetes from several pathways, such as endoplasmic reticulum stress, oxidative stress and so on, clearing the pathogenesis of diabetes, obesity and other endocrine diseases, and find therapeutic method of these diseases.