May 15, 2015, Prof. Peter ten Dij(test)
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On May 15, 2015, Prof. Peter ten Dijke  from Leiden University Medical Center was appointed as “Chang Jiang  Scholar” Chair Professor. Executive Vice President of Zhejiang  University Yonghua Song issued Prof. ten Dijke the certificate of  appointment and the university badge.

Executive Vice President Yonghua Song,  on behalf of the university, expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks  to Prof. Peter ten Dijke for joining the faculty of Life Sciences  Institute (LSI) of Zhejiang University. Executive Vice President Song  pointed out that life science is an important leading subject in the  21st century, which has great influence to the development of natural  and human sciences as well as to the national economy and the people's  livelihood.Life science is the top priority of the development among  various disciplines. In recent years, Zhejiang University has developed  rapidly in the field of life sciences, forming its own characteristics  and unique strength. As Zhejiang University’s first special academic  zone, LSIhas grown rapidly, and has recruited a number of high level  talents, for instance,two faculty members by the Recruitment Program of  Global Experts, nine by the Recruitment Program of Global  YouthExperts,one by the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and one by the  Group of National Top Young Talents. Executive Vice President Song  expressed the hope that LSI will strive to create desirable working and  living conditions for Prof.Peter ten Dijke in China, so as to allow  Prof. Peter ten Dijke to fully exert his expertise in research,  especially in the field of TGF-βsignaling.

Prof.Peter ten Dijke expressed his  thanks to Zhejiang University for endorsing and assisting his successful  application of the Chang Jiang Scholarship at the Ministry of  Education. He also expressed his eagerness to contribute to LSI’s  development in the future.

It is believed that Prof. Peter ten  Dijke’s joining will help Life Sciences Institute in building a  world-class institution, elevating the level life sciences research of  Zhejiang University and its impact and status in China and abroad.