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HIT Center for Life Sciences (HCLS) was founded in 2016,which is a new strategic development of the university. As the first special academic zone of HIT, HCLS runs its own graduate program and enjoys unparalleled freedom in research, personnel employment and financial flexibility within the university. 6 Principal Investigators (PIs) starting their edged research from 2017 in HCLS, have gained outstanding achievements on various disciplines.

HCLS has been given the top priorities for its development and expansion. Sharing platforms currently undergoing include: cryo-electron microscopy platform, proteomics platform, genomic platform, cell imaging platform, antibody platform, experimental animal platform, isotope laboratory.

HCLS plans to recruit about 22 PIs from all over the world. We welcome young scientists who are doing research in the area of Biochemistry; Molecular biological physics; Structural biology; Cancer biology; Microbiology and immunology; Chemical biology; Neural biology; Nanotechnology and Tissue engineering to apply the position of our center.