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Technician position in Flyroom at The HIT Center for Life Sciences
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Dr. Kim’s major research interests are understanding how genes and neural circuits control complex social behaviours. He and his team use tiny fruit fly, Drsophila melanogaster to answer this question. One of the behaviours what Dr. Kim and his team dissected so far is ‘interval timing’. Interval timing is the ability of animal to calculate time intervals from seconds to hours and it enables us to predict future and make decisions. Dr. Kim uses the powerful genetic tools to dissect complex behaviours in molecular level. His team can manipulate specific set of genes within certain population of neurons using these genetic tools only available in fruit fly. He is also interested in establishing human neuronal disease model using fly system such as ALS/FTD. Finally, he will extend his interest in complex social behaviours using eusocial insects such as honey bee by manipulating their neural circuits using cutting edge genetic tools such as CRISPR/Cas9. Please visit below website for details.

We are seeking for a talented research technician who will manage the lab. The major works and required skills are as below:

1. Lab managing lab equipment management, lab materials order and update.

2. Fly room managing: Fly food cooking and distribution, fly stocks order and maintenance, basic fly genetics for create genetically recombined strain. (Dr. Kim will teach this)

3.Should be communicated with English or Korean.

4.Need to setup the lab in the vacancy of Dr. Kim for a while. We want self-motivated, independent, and experienced technician.

5.We will match the salary as the top level. It depends on the work efficiency.

6.Technician who has experienced fly genetics will be preferred.

Applications in English as PDF files should be sent to Dr. Kim (, and indicate the “Technician application” in the email subject.