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2017 The 2nd Asia-Pacific Joint Symposium on Life Sciences
Date : 10th Jan. (Friday),2017
Place:Room 408;Building 2H, Science Park   ,HIT
symposium organizer: Shuliang Shi
9:00-9:10Opening remarks : Prof. Yu Li and Prof. Kyong-Tai Kim
Session Chairman : Prof. Sung Key Jang (POSTECH)
9:10-9:35Prof.Jiankang   LiuDoes Caloric Restriction Extend Lifespan?(XJTU)
9:35-10:00Prof.Yoontae   LeeTranscriptional repressor Capicua restrains   follicular helper T cell differentiation and autoimmunity(POSTEC)
10:00-10:25Prof.You   Jeong LeeiNKT cells regulate IL4 hoemostasis (POSTEC)
10:25-10:40Coffee break
Session Chairman: Prof.Zhongmin Tian (XJTU)
10:40-11:05Prof.Shaoqin   LiuTarget Delivery of Polyoxometalate Drugs for   Safer and More Effective Cancer Therapy(HIT)
11:05-11:30Prof.Anggraini   BarlianDevelopment of Bio-based Nanofiber Scaffold for   Skin Tissue Engineering (ITB)
11:30-11:55Prof.Weiming   TianA Novel Alginate-based Platform for Cancer Stem   Cell Research(HIT)
Session Chairman : Prof. Ying Hu(HIT)
13:30-13:55Prof.Huanjie   YangLinc-DYNC2H1-4 Promotes EMT and CSC Phenotypes   in Relative to Gemcitabine Resistance as a ceRNA of miR-145 in Pancreatic   Cancer Cells(HIT)
13:55-14:20Prof.Tjandra   AnggraeniWhy Trigona sp. as Vectors of Banana Blood   Disease Do Not Suffer from It ?(ITB)
14:20-14:45Prof.Kunyoo   ShinHedgehog signaling in stem cell,   regeneration,and cancer (POSTEC)
14:45-15:10Prof.Zhongmin   TianAbnormalities in Amino Acid, Glucose and Fatty   Acid Metabolism in Dahl Salt-sensitive Rats Contribute to Hypertension(XJTU)
15:10-15:25Coffee break
Session Chairman : Prof. Tati Suryati Syamsudin (ITB)
15:25-15:50Prof.Tati   Suryati SyamsudinFruit fly preference on different genotype of   Chili(ITB)
15:50-16:15Prof.Kee   Hoon SohnMolecular basis by which independently evolved   plant NLR immune receptors function (POSTEC)
16:15-16:40Prof.   Ying HuMiR-205 promotes epithelial- mesenchymal   transition by targettingASPP2 (HIT)
16:40-17:00Dr.   De DongThe crystal structure of Cpf1 in complex   withCRISPR RNA (HIT)
17:00-17:10Closing remarkes : Prof. Jiankang Liu and Prof. Tati
17:20-17:50Laboratory visiting
19:30-21:30City Tour

※ Speakers: Professors: 20 min. presentation and 5 min. Q&A.